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Consult-PRO’s WEBlink is an interactive program for patients to view on-line! Educate your patients from your website and from
the comfort of their own homes.

Put the power of dental education at your patient’s fingertips!
Consult-PRO’s WEBlink let’s you Customize;

  • 1) The Movies (Choose from 101 Consult-PRO Chairside Award Winning Presentations, the 25 that best represent your practice)
  • 2) The Category Names (Rename the Title Categories as you see fit; Hygiene, Surgery, Implants, etc.)
  • 3) The Avatar (Select our speaking Assistant, choose from many still image Dentists, or put your own picture in the software)
  • 4) Your Logo (add your own personal logo to the page for better practice branding)
  • 5) The Language (choose from 10 languages to display the text that is appropriate to your country or region)

Feature: The ability to select from 101 Consult-PRO Chairside award winning 3D animated movies.

Benefit: Customize the education you want your patients to see. With 100 presentations to choose from offering education from Hyiene, Caries and Crowns, to Implant, Gum Surgery and Sinus Lifts; no other program can offer you the rich quality and variety of presentations to exactly represent what you do in your office.

Feature: Add, Delete or Rename Educational Categories.

Benefit: We provide 5 Categories: General Dentistry, Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics and Implants. But if you are a General practice you may want to have Hygiene, Crowns, Root Canals and Fillings as your categories and then select the appropriate presentations to fill them. No matter what your practice you can customize our education to suit your needs!

Feature: Add personal message and information.

Benefit: Deliver your message to your patients in your way! Write a paragraph welcoming them to the site and explain why you think education is important. OR Encourage them to use the site and then call for a consultation or to set up an appointment. Either way , it’s your business and it’s up to you, as it should be!

Feature: Change the Avatar.

Benefit: We have an Avatar that speaks, (in English)... and we think she is very nice.... but maybe you don’t agree with exactly what she says? Or maybe you have a different idea for what type of person you would like to have representing your practice. You can choose from the many different Avatar dental professionals we have provided (without speech) or provide your own photo!

Feature: Multiple Languages.

Benefit: The world is getting smaller and different countries have many different ethnicities thriving within one city. You never know who is surfing the web and finding out about your practice. So give them the chance to understand what you can do for them, no matter what their first language!